Food and Boutique

Specializing in natural foods

We carefully chose only the best products from the best companies. We truly believe that the closer food can be to its natural form, the healthier it is.

We have everything from raw fermented goats milk to Green Juju to bone broth!

We sell Raw food, dehydrated, gently baked, and freeze-dried foods

We sell real food as close to its natural state as we can get.

We will help you add fresh ingredients to any diet to increase health and decrease risk for disease

Products for BOTH dogs and cats

We’ve made sure to carry products for both dogs and cats in all the forms. We have a special selection of food and supplements to ensure your pets optimum health!

Want to make your own food? We can help!

Whether you want a mix, or just the components we can help you make homecooked food a simple easy process.

Boneless meats with appropriate amounts of organs, as well as multivitamins, vegetable mixes, omega fatty acids and calcium sources!

Some of the Raw Food companies we carry:

BC made: Basic Instinct, Pets Go Raw, Natural Instincts, Just Raw

Canadian made: Tollden Farms, Naturawls, Dexters, Pets 4 Life, Bold By Nature, Big Country Raw

American Made: Primal

Kangaroo, rabbit, quail oh my!

We also have a large variety of single protein exotic meats, bones, foods and treats. We know just how hard allergies and sensitivities can be!
Elk knuckles, rabbit feet, and kangaroo ears and tail bones to name a few.

Raw frozen Food menu

Tollden Farms

Tollden Farms, making food since 2002, believes that quality comes first. Our dinners contain only the freshest human grade proteins, and the freshest vegetables. For the vegetable dinners, we use whole cuts, and whole organs. We do not use any by-products or foods not deemed fit for human consumption . Our vegetable dinners are made of 85% top quality protein cuts and 10% vegetable. Special Puppy formula available. We also have a dedicated Botanicals line, as well as Tollden Farms Food for Cats.


A great Canadian food from Ontario, with many varieties in either 1/2lb potions in 6lb boxes or 1lb portions in 8lb boxes, or bulk options in 24lb boxes. Adhere to ideal of 70% meat, 10% organ, 10% bone, 10% veg, and supplements. Special Kitten and Puppy formulas available.


Simple dinner formulas, with meat bone organ, veg and supplements. Comes in 24lb box, 1/2lb portions vac-sealed for freshness, and completed with separate whole chicken or turkey necks, “natures toothbrush” Chicken beef mix or Turkey Beef mix.

Just Raw

Locally made in Courtenay, Just Raw foods contain only fresh human-grade ingredients; from our all meat foods to our meat and vegetable blends.

Pets Go Raw

An amazing food from Cranbrook, BC. With a myriad of 4lb full meal options, and of course, the ever popular 25lb Econo variety box and their Mega Cuts variety box.

Natural Instincts

A great Canadian food from Kamloops coming in varieties with or without veg in many proteins. All non-medicated hormone free, makes this product one of our best selling cat foods!

Bold by Nature / Mega Dog

Bold by Nature / Mega Dog provides an affordable raw food option for families with bigger dogs, or multiple dog households. It is made from triple-ground meaty bones, organ meat, kelp, and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and collard greens. All the meats are antibiotic and hormone free.

Red Dog Blue Kat

A great local Canadian food from Vancouver, with many varieties in 1lb portions. They provide u with some of the best bones on the market as well. Non medicated hormone free, with organic veg content

Basic Instinct / 3p Naturals

A great local Canadian food from Vancouver making a wonderful cat food with many varieties, with non-medicated hormone free, Grade A meats.

Big Country Raw

A great Canadian food from Ontario, with many varieties in either 1/2lb potions in 6lb boxes or 1lb portions in 8lb boxes, or bulk options in 24lb boxes. Special order in qualicum location


Ethically sourced, with strict testing, Primal is the best American raw food with no artificial vitamins and minerals while still being nutritionally complete. Matching freeze dried formulas as well as amazing bones broths, functional toppers, goats milk

Sitting on the shelf

Smack pet food

Traditional raw food diets featuring organic, wild, or cruelty-free bone-in meats, with organs, blended together with a medley of organic fruits and vegetables, gently low-temperature air-dried into bite-size squares that can be scooped and served like a kibble (or used as a super healthy training treat!).

Hydration is not necessary, but warm water may be added to the food to soften into an antioxidant-rich, raw, meaty stew! Both dog and cat formulas available.

Natures Logic

Founded in 2006, Nature’s Logic™ is a line of premium quality pet food and treats focusing on the benefits of natural whole food nutrition. Nature’s Logic uses only 100% natural ingredients, and NO synthetic vitamins and minerals – The Way Pet Food Should Be®. 95% of protein from animal sources. No gluten, soy, potato, or legumes.


Carna4 Hand Crafted Food is a line of Synthetic free dog and cat food that uses wholesome proteins with organic and natural fruits and vegetable to give your best friend the highest quality and nutritional dry food. Once mixed the combination is quick baked and gently dried, a process that is similar to dehydrating, to ensure all of the natural minerals and vitamins from each ingredient is sealed into the kibble. High levels of natural probiotics and unique formulas

Sunday pets

This product is 100% sourced and made in New Zealand, with high quality ingredients surpassing many dried food options, this gently baked brand is sure to please even the pickiest of palates with a tripe inclusion line.

k9 natural/feline natural

Another top tier New Zealand sourced and made product, this is sure to “meat” the demands of nutrition and flavour with their freeze dried foods and treats. Their canned foods are exactly the same as their freeze dried, with the exception that the canned products contain New Zealand water. On the go, or at home, this product is sure to satisfy your carnivore.